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Using the Email Integration Service with KronoDesk

Once you have the email integration service configured, we recommend that you initially clear the Windows Application Log on the machine. This will allow you to quickly see any errors that occur due to misconfiguration. The event viewer can be found in Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer.

Once you have the email integration enabled and running, any users that email in a support ticket to one of the "watched" email addresses will experience the following process:

  1. The customer emails with a help desk request.

  2. The contents (including attachments) of the email will be parsed by the email integration service and a new help desk ticket will be created in KronoDesk.

  3. The customer will receive an automated email from the system letting them know that the ticket was received:

------=> Please keep your reply above this line. <=-

Hello Fred Bloggs

The following ticket in My Company support system has been recently updated:

Name: #TK438 - test 123


Status: Open

Product: Product 1



Last Updated: 10/19/2012 4:29:37 PM

To view the ticket, click the URL below:

  1. If this is the first time the user has ever submitted a help desk ticket, the system will also create a new unverified user account in KronoDesk on behalf of this user.

  2. The user will then receive a separate email with information about their new account. It will provide a hyperlink that allows them to "verify" this new user account so that they can view/modify their help desk tickets through the website.

  3. If the user clicks on this verify link, they will be taken to KronoDesk, where they will have the option of providing a password and other security information that will allow them to access the support system through the website. If they don't verify the account, they can still respond to the ticket through email.

  4. The customer service manager(s) will assign the ticket to the appropriate customer service agent and the assigned agent will add information to the ticket either providing a possible solution to the enquiry or requesting additional information.

  5. In either case, the customer will receive an email containing the note(s) from the customer service agent.

  6. The customer can either verify their account and reply to the agent through the KronoDesk web interface, or they can simply reply to the email notifications, making sure that their comments are above the special line marked "please reply above this line". Any text that is entered above this line will be added to the help desk ticket as a new note. Any attachments will be added to the existing attachments linked to the ticket

  7. This process continues until the customer's enquiry is resolved.