Forum Settings

This section contains all of the settings that affect the customer support forums part of the application.


This page allows an administrator to customize the appearance of the customer support forums so that the standard text that is displayed matches the support policies of the organization. It also allows the administrator to customize some of the web page meta-data fields that can be used to optimize the support forums for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This page lets you specify the following values:

Categories & Forums

This page lets administrators manage the different categories and forums used in the KronoDesk customer support forums. The customer forums are divided up into categories and each category has a set of forums. Typically the forum categories are associated with a particular product or service, although there may be some general categories that are product agnostic.

When you first open this page, the system will list all the forum categories already in the system. You can use this page to perform the following operations:

To view the list of forums associated with a particular category, you should click on the "View Forums" link that will display the appropriate list of forums:

You can use this page to manage the various forums in the category: