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Appendix D -- Upgrading

This section covers any important notes regarding differences between versions, and anything the Administrator or application owner may need to address upon upgrading. These are note release notes, but important changes in the application that may cause undesired application behavior when upgrading.

Version 1.x to 2.0:

The upgrade between these two versions is very major. Except for existing data (tickets, users, forum messages, etc.) the program manager should treat this as a completely new application, and verify all settings, configure the theme, and verify user security.

Version 2.0 to 2.1:

Major differences in this release of the application are centered on Organizations and user membership to organizations. There are a few page changes that should be addressed:

  1. The Customer Home page (http://host/KronoDesk/External.aspx) has had its text shifted around. When logged into the application as an Administrator, you will be able to edit the text on this page by using the 'Save' bookmarks over each editable area.

  2. The Email Verification (http://host/KronoDesk/Account/VerificationRequired.aspx) and Approval Required (http://host/KronoDesk/Account/ApprovalRequired.aspx) pages are now editable. The default text should work just fine, but you may wish to change it.