Event Notifications

This section allows you to customize the email notifications that are sent out by KronoDesk when specific help desk events occur in the system. When you first click on the section link, the system will display a list of any notification events that already exist:

To create a new event, click on the 'Create New Event' hyperlink. That will display the page that lets you add or edit help desk notification events:

For each event you need to specify the name of the event, this is not used in the email and is just used to help you identify what the purpose and scope of the notification is (e.g. "Send emails to customers when a new ticket is logged"). In addition, you should specify if the event is active or not and what product that the event is active for. That way you can have different events occur for different products.

The Firing Events section of the notification lets you specify which events will trigger the notification being sent. There are three types of event that can occur:

The Notified Users section of the notification lets you specify which users will receive the email notifications when the event gets triggered. There are four types of user that can be specified:

The Email Template section lets to specify the template used for the email notification in question. The template consists of the email subject line and body.

Similar to the settings in System -> Email, tokens can insert relevant data to the ticket into the email. Using the token button ([T]) in the toolbar.

Tokens will be replaced when the email is sent out with information relevant to the ticket or system configuration at that time.