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Release Notes for KronoDesk v4

Version 4.0 (August 2021)


  • Adds Active Directory / LDAP support for user creation and authentication, giving on premise customers an alternate way to manage user authentication
  • Brand new installer for on premise customers with enhanced functionality and a streamlined user interface

New features

  • Rebuild and upgrade the on-premise installer application to improved functionality and usability [RQ:2389]

  • Active Directory / LDAP support for user creation and authentication

    • Add system administration LDAP Configuration Page [RQ:3504]
    • Add the ability to import users from LDAP via new dedicated system admin pages [RQ:3505]
    • Admin Edit User Details Page lets admins view, edit, add, and remove LDAP settings for a user [RQ:3506]

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Fix deleting a custom list or value in use by a custom property throwing an error on the ticket details page [IN:2655]
  • Ensure that only logged in internal users can access the API documentation pages [IN:3058]
  • Improve the language of the action buttons on the article (KB) edit page to make their meaning clearer [IN:3982]
  • Ensure that tooltips on the Help Desk ticket list table always show the the latest note to internal users [IN:3990]
  • Allow system administrators to change the login ID of existing users [IN:4353]
  • Move the activity indicator icon to the left so that it does not obscure the user icon [IN:4888]
  • Fix the Recent Forum Posts widget on the home page sometimes displaying the entire forum post [IN:4918]
  • Fix changes not being saved on the organization detail page if the organization name is less than 5 characters [IN:5029]
  • Fix the display of the ticket name on the help desk ticket list page, so names are not cut off if they contain a "&" character [IN:5070]
  • Remove headers for deactivated sections showing on the external home page [IN:5279]
  • Improve how merging tickets works so each ticket becomes a distinct note on the combined ticket (merging no longer merges descriptions together) [IN:5288]
  • Fix the help desk ticket list table tooltip not properly displaying due to not escaping quote characters [IN:5308]
  • Fix user profile showing January 1, 0001 as the Member Since date for some users [IN:6210]
  • Internal links to documentation point to KronoDocs website instead of internal help files [IN:6225]
  • Fix clicking on tickets created by a user who is currently inactive displaying a system error [IN:6236]
  • Fix the global search returning inaccurate information under certain circumstances [IN:6248]
  • Remove headers for deactivated areas on the user profile page [IN:6249]
  • Fix searching for tickets within an organization showing an error [IN:6250]
  • Fix the ticket section of the external home page being blank if the Knowledge Base and/or Forum sections are disabled [IN:6478]
  • Improve the styling and display of error pages [IN:6548]
  • Ensure new installations create the database with the setting AUTO_CLOSE = False [IN:6568]
  • Make the language on the administration email menu option consistent with the heading on the Email Options page [IN:6585]
  • Improve the summary message on the administration > System Settings > Orphaned Documents page to make it more clear [IN:6586]
  • Remove the double colons from certain labels on the administration > Users > Security page [IN:6587]
  • Improve the message text on the administration > Users > User Roles page to make it more clear [IN:6588]
  • Fix spelling errors on the administration > Forum Settings > Appearance page [IN:6589]
  • Security fixes