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Release Notes for KronoDesk v1

Version 1.1 (October 2013)

New features

  • Users can upload small graphic avatars that will be displayed in forums and help desk
  • Users can specify override timezone and culture
  • Display forum statistics and total number open/answered messages in each forum
  • Support for meta-tags in Forums with Tag Cloud for easy access to tagged threads
  • Workflow step/status can be marked separately as 'active' for submitter and 'active' for agent
  • Templating system for all help desk notifications and emails
  • Customizable Reporting system including graphs, data-grids and MS-Excel, CSV exports
  • Mobile web interface for Apple iOS Devices and Android Devices
  • Enhanced ability to change look and feel of application to match company standards / website
  • REST Web Services API added in addition to existing SOAP Web Services API

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Ability for system to 'auto-close' after a period of time.
  • Fixes issue that prevents articles being created when system installed on a server configured for UTC+X timezones
  • Fixes issue where deleting existing custom properties in Administration doesn’t do anything
  • Stores user settings in database so that the system remembers filters, opened/closed widgets, etc.
  • Fixes issue where some forum email messages were leaving the ${…} tokens in the final message
  • My Subscribed Articles widget added to both customer and employee dashboards
  • Closed date now auto-populates and clears when you close/open a help desk ticket
  • Bug when searching users by full name in the administration section is fixed
  • Watermark added to the ticket creation page to better explain to customers the purpose of the Ticket Name field